Game Bred Pit  bull terriers and other game dogs.


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Stop that train I want to get off.

It is argued by those that still partake in dog fighting that the Pit Bull Terrier and related dogs would not exist had it not been for dog fighting and animal baiting, well although it is an undeniable truth it doesn’t make it right to carry on with this unethical activity in the twenty first century. There are many other ways in the twenty first century that these dogs can be used and at their high tenacity maintained without fighting them or baiting other animals (I do not include genuine legal chemical free hunting for animal control management in that statement).  It really is not necessary or justifiable in any shape or form to breed dogs for the sole purpose of entertainment fighting.  A dog does not have any choice in the matter to fight unlike humans who for the most part can decide whether or not to engage in a true no holds barred underground fight.  Yes, it is a misunderstanding by animal rights groups that game dogs are forced to fight as they are not, and in fact some seemingly do enjoy it, but that is because firstly they are genetically manipulated by humans to have a greater propensity to fight, feel less pain and fight to the finish, secondly they are kept in an environment where this propensity is encouraged, for example being non socialized, kept in isolation (we all well known the effects of isolation on humans, generally dogs used for fighting are non socialized and isolated; although there have been exceptions), and exposed to violence from a young age by the use of bait animals (the use of bait animals is not practiced by all dog men, but a large amount do and this is probably the most disturbing and frankly revolting and most immoral aspect of dog fight training, and there is NO justification for it), and finally it is humans that place them into a pit purposely to fight another dog (not exactly a scuffle in the dog park), to face dogs that have gone through similar genetic selection, and environmental conditioning.  I suggest to people who still feel the need to fight dogs either due to feeding their egos as trophies (lets be honest as most of it is about ego) or behaving like a brainwashed cult member (clinging to any excuse to justify something that is inherently immoral, but at which they have had some success so are reluctant to quit it) to turn over a new leaf and start protecting the breed you profess to love (use your ability with dog breeding, conditioning and psychology to benefit society, the world and dogs, and when you face your last days you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you tried to reverse the wrongs you did with right).  It is not too late for anyone to change their ways and move on.  Your dogs (dog fighters) died for you so perhaps do something for other dogs that you can actually save.  You don’t think your dog would have preferred to be sitting by the fire and going for walks and playing in the open fields.  I met many dog men in the writing of this book and they encompass all walks of life, I actually got on with most of them (not all) and was very impressed with their knowledge of dogs, diet, medical care, canine psychology and so on, I do think it is a pity that they choose not to use these talents in a more positive way.  I was conflicted in the writing of this book and will always keep my sources confidential to those that requested it, but the story of the game dog had to be told and I hope in one hundred years that dog matching will be relegated to the history books and looked upon by all with horror.

In regard to the keeping of pit bull as pets, I also hope a compromise can be found in the USA  when both the pro pit bull  lobby and anti pit bull lobby can get together to reach the best solution possible as was done in the Netherlands .  The Dutch Government repealed the Breed Specific legislation ban in it entirety sending out a powerful message around the world that breed specific bans are not only cruel but are ineffective in protecting the general public. Breed specific legislation laws were introduced in the Netherlands in 1993 following three fatal dog attacks after which dogs deemed “Pit Bull Terrier  types” could be destroyed.  This meant condemning dogs to death not on their behavior but on physical appearance alone (phenotype), later the Rottweiler never a fighting breed was added to the list.  Despite this tough law it was found that there was no change in the number of biting incidences since it took effect resulting in a repeal of the ban, replacing it with new legislation.  The new legislation holds the owner more accountable for the actions of his/her dogs.  As of 2008, it is looking likely that Italy will follow suit and repeal their Breed Specific Legislation.   It seems ironic that the countries mainly responsible for the creation of pit bull type breeds mainly the United States of America  and Great Britian are those most likely to destroy it. I hope that the Pit Bull Terrier so important in both symbolic and historical terms to the United Kingdom and the United States of America can be saved from this “witch hunt ”. In my view, saving this very interesting breed can only happen by speaking the truth about its history, which in turn builds trust between both breed advocates  and the authorities responsible for deciding its fate.   It is the author’s belief that this breed of dog should not be banned; it is indeed much less of a threat to human beings than most other large protection breeds and nearly everything else around us including our cars, TV’s, and computers.  Unfortunately there are groups of people in society (bullies, punks and thugs) that use the athletic appearance of these dogs to menace and harass in parks and neighborhoods all over Great Britain and the United States.  It is unfortunate that the Pit Bull Terrier a courageous loyal breed of dog is being victimized because of those irresponsible individuals deliberately misusing them as weapons, or too irresponsible to educate themselves before purchase.  Ironically it is the Pit Bull Terrier, which needs our protection far more than we need any protection from it.  I hope that British and American common sense will prevail in reaching a solution for the protection of this special breed, which was after all our creation.