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Pit Bull Terriers in Taiwan and China



These are some real game bred pit bull terriers.  These dogs are the real deal, not pets and not companions but bred for the pits in Taiwan and China.  Yes its sad, but these are some of those true game bred dogs, bred for one purpose and that is to be fought, dog against dog. This site is about the reality of these dogs and how some get to live this existence while others get to lead the lives of pets. These dogs below are true game bred pit bull terriers, tested in brutal trials of combat.  They are  not pretty, not handsome, not of one particular phenotype.  However they have one thing in common and that is deep gameness.   Genetically manipulated by man and isolated.  Bred to win money and prestige for their masters by killing or "curing" out other dogs.   Here are some of their number in the present day.  Permission for all photos granted to be published on this site only by the owners.