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Game bred is an animal that has been bred to be game.

What is a game animal ?

To explain this concept we will use fighting dogs as the model. 

Game means the ability to a do a task when the odds are stacked against the animal.  When a normal animal would quit, a game one will not.  "Game" does not mean, aggressive, violent, etc.  All it means is that an animal has the will to win against all odds, and never to back down.  For game dogs or cocks it means to continue fighting when a normal dog "cur" would give up.  Some dogs are good fighters and can often win before gameness is even tested, due to a good mouth or wrestling ability etc, however this IS NOT GAME.  Game is when a dog shows massive courage and fighting spirit. The highest extreme of this is know as "dead" game.  This means a dog or rooster that will fight to the finish even if this means to death (no matter the odds).  These animals are as rare as diamonds.  It is well documented that game dogs will continue fighting on three legs, and will cruel back to the battle with a wagging tail.  The most common breed of dogs that sometimes shows gameness is the bull and terrier group.  This includes the Staffordshire bull terrier (particularly the Irish strain), English bull terriers and of course the American pit bull terrier.  This family of dogs is the undisputed ruler of gameness.  However even within this family most of the dogs are curs, (not game).   Note that bull and terriers are on average the gamest of dogs, this does not however mean that other dog breeds from time to time are not game or even have better fighting ability.  We are talking about averages.  Gameness could be measured on a sliding scale going from determined and highly willing to dead game.

Gameness is a result of genetic manipulation by breeders.  It is not a natural state but never the less one admired by most who recognize it.  Indeed even animal rights activists sometimes express admiration for this quality often so rare in human beings.  Dog men often argue that to maintain gameness dogs have to fought in order to select which ones are game.  There are others who think more humane alternatives can be found.  Some people believe gameness is a worthy trait and game dogs are in fact more friendly and stable with human beings than so called "fear biting cur dogs".  A game dog is indeed a very confident dogs and so biting a human out of fear or anger is highly unlikely.  I tend to agree although other methods should now be found to test for gameness other than fighting the dogs (in my opinion).