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Hall of fame

This page highlights famous dogs from history including.


Mountain Man's Grand Champion Zebo

Grand Champion Frisco Sport

Champion Stormer

Ricky Bernard's Champion Psycho

Dock's Grand Champion Duke

Grand Champion Mayday Rom

Tant's Grand Champion Yellow

Red Boy & Jocko



Mountain man's & Adam's Grand champion "Zebo" (USA) (American pit bull terrier)

zebo fighting dog        

Mountain's man's Zebo (American pit bull terrier)  may arguably be called the "greatest ever fighting dog" .  Zebo's career began on the yard of Lester Hughes," The Mountain Man", where he won four times all quick kills. After his fourth he was shipped to the yard of Grady Cummings and while there, Cummings' Red Fox made the mistake of getting off his leash and ran into Zebo and was killed. Grady then made Lester get Zebo off his yard. Zebo was then sold to Dave Adams of Ohio, of whom Zebo is best associated with. At first Mr. Hughes did not intend on selling Zebo but Mr. Adams came up with enough money to change his mind. Unfortunately Zebo attacked Mr. Adams son and nearly took his son's ear off. After the request of Mr. Adams wife, Zebo was then sold again, this time to Mr. Johnson who fought him two more times. The last time to a son of his littermate brother, Vindicator. Mr. Johnson hoped to get another match in, but was unable to find any takers, despite the fact that Zebo was past seven years old at this point. Thus, Zebo was retired to stud, and lived to the age of 13,siring his last litter just days before his death. He had lost his sight at the end, due to damage that he had sustained, for no dog was ever to get to his rear.

Zebo produced Stepp's CH Willie and Adams' CH Katy when bred to Tomsic's Spider ROM. CH Willie was, as said by some, to have the destructive ability as his sire, by killing each his opponents in times of :27, :54, and :29 minutes. Others produced by Zebo were CH Ruby, CH Abuelita, CH Diamond Jim, Clemmon's 2XW Z-Boy, Nigger Toby, Super Gnat's 2XW Blackie and Hughes' Gator just to name a few of the good dogs he sired. He is the grand sire to some great ones like Doc's CH Moe who was a grand champion until he ran into Red B's CH Charlie. Many said that Moe went to the well one too many times in his loss to CH Charlie. After his victories over CH Fargo and his brother Basket, too much was taken out of him to go into a much younger dog like Charlie.

The breeding that produced Zebo and his littermates was one of those outstanding litters that only come once in a great while. Basically this breeding was a Dibo/Old Family Red Nose/Colby cross which explains why all of Zebo's littermates were red or red/red nosed. But where did this one black dog come from??? Many speculate Zebo wasn't bred as represented. For one Mr. Hughes purchased Zebo from Lonzo without any papers. Some claim that Mr. Hughes sold many different Zebos. A lot claim Zebo to be half brother to another famous pair, Eli jr. and Bullyson. Although, Lonzo's Andy was a black dog himself and Zebo threw nothing but black dogs, even when bred to various females of different colors, it still remains a question in a lot of people's minds.

*This note was sent to me Douglas Link (webmaster) of this site by the Captain a well know old tymer dog man now based in Thailand.  


Zebo biting Adams son is a fact. What is completely ignored , deliberately or not, that Zebo was verbally matched with Andre Giroux of Montreal and Andre had PLACED the forfeit. These are facts, which ever way you look it. Adams sold the dog to Rick Johnson, which is also a fact and nobody put the forfeit to continue to fight when Andre has already placed the forfeit. :o . I can make a guess what dog Andre could have used, but most people including myself match dogs by weight, and not by name. In my humble opinion, Adams might have won the fight, just my opinion, but Andre thought other wise, and the French man had placed his forfeit.
So all this nonsense, of Zebo not able to find an opponent is the same bullshit you have been reading all your life regarding Chinaman all the rest. If you are willing to be fair, you will have a fight in your hand.





Frisco sport (USA)

 (English bull terrier ). 

Sport was one of the best dogs in his day.  He was bred by A.E.Betts and in his early days was called the champion forty seven pound dog of the Pacific Coast.  Later in life Sport was owned by the McClintock brothers, also by F.L.Dunable. His battle record follows;
1 - On June 2 1912 Sport won over Parish's Matador of Daley City 
2- July 21 1912 defeated Harry Houseman's Clement. A 2xw,
3 - Killed Dayton's Big Boy of North Beach 
4 - Dec.3 1912 stopped Bannister's Prince of Western
5 - San Francisco Jan.25 1913 defeated Cardner's Tiger 7xw for a $ 250.00.
6 - The Pool Room Dog, Bismark of Powell Street was killed by Sport in San Francisco 
7 - In a private match for a 300 dollar on Sept.17 1913 Sport stopped the San Mateo Crackerjack Smokeball in 49 min.
8 - March 13 1914 defeated the soldier's dog of the Presidio who was claimed the winner of 14 battles and was shipped from the East. The soldier's stopped the fight and the actual time is not known.
9 - Jan.10 1915 defeated Dr.Sand's Spot a 55 pounder in 1.15 for a $ 500.00.
10 - In a private tryout Sept.15 1915 Sport stopped Red Nobby in 40 min.


Champion Stormer (England) (English bull terrier/Irish Staffordshire bull terrier) 

champion stormer










Stormer was probably one of the best English match dogs ever fought.  Stormer was an English Bull terrier and Staffordshire bull terrier battle cross.  Stormer's record is impressive.  The only criticism that people make, is that he didn't produce anything.  Not surprising for a hybrid!  Stormer is particularly famous for beating Ricky B's infamous champion Psycho (a great producer).              

Stormer's first outing was into an English bull terrier  Stormer was around 46lb & going 17lb up hill, this wasn't regarded as a match ,but Stormer won in 17 mins.  First bona fide match, was against "jingles" Stormer at 46lb, going 7lb up hill, wins in 58 mins. Rematch "jingles" dies in 17 mins; then fights "spock" weight wins in 2hrs 26mins. then beat "josh" in 1hr27mins (44lb) then beat "ch psycho" in 1hr 3mins.(43lb) then in a final match beat "buzz" in 1 min52secs.

Match report of a classic match.   Stormer versus psycho

Ricky B's Champion Psycho.

Psycho was Ireland’s first official Ch recognized by the p.b.a.& the s.d.j. he was owned by Ricky Bernard for his first 4 matches: beat McC’s “rocky” in 37mins.beat Chesters”nero”in 1hr2mins.rematch won in 1hr51mins.beat declan g’s “sam”in 29mins.psycho is then sold to stevie b & renamed “hagler”. matched into Stormer, Stormer wins in 1hr3mins. (owner picked him up).  Although he was picked up against Stormer, psycho got his reputation as being and excellent producer.  Being a good producer is as important to “dog men” as winning matches.  This means being able to produce dogs that also wind matches.

Click here for this free match report.


Dock's Grand Champion Duke.

Dock's Gr. Ch Duke was the result of a mother and son mating, both parents being owned by Dock. Out of a litter of four, two pregnant doges were sold up north and Duke and Duchess were kept by Dock.
 Both pups showed great promise, but with age Duke started to become very dominant and so they were separated, leaving Duke to run the yard and Duchess in the kennel with the rest. Duke showed great temperament and if kenneled he was a quiet dog. In the house he was no trouble and were great with children, he could however be an expensive dog when he was on the loose as he was hell on four legs and as they say didn't take no prisoners.  Duke won five matches all in devastating fashion as was a registered Grand Champion the Sporting dog journal.

Chavis Yellow John the famous red boy dog and Jocko crossed together produced the most famous Red Boy/Jocko dogs. 

The Red Boy dogs gained their fame in the Carolina's, but their main introduction into the fast lane came with the cross of Ch. Jocko. Jocko a Carolina dog himself was a pit intelligent dog with good biting ability, something the Red Boy dogs did not have. Red Boy dogs were extremely game soft mouth dogs, with the exception of Chavis Ch Yellow John. Yellow John went on to produce one of the most honest bulldogs of modern time Tant's Gr. Ch. Yellow. Yellow was a 6x winner who in turn produced superior offspring. He ranks only second to Ch. Jeep on the Sporting Dog Journals 'ROM' list. Gr. Ch. Yellow died only recently on Sept. 7, 1994. Yellow was the first of what was called the original 50/50 dogs; otherwise known as the Red Boy/Jocko cross. Yellow had an exceptionally talented sister known as S.T.P.'s Ch. Sassy. She to had good producing ability, but of course was limited by the fact that she was a female. The Red Boy/Jocko crosses continue to live on today and are exceptional fast lane dogs.

One other point of mention, is Super Gnat's Boots. Boots was a Red Boy/Jocko cross who never became as famous as Yellow, yet Boot's holds the record for the longest recorded match in history, going 4:52 for the win.


Tant's Grand Champion Yellow. ROM

Tant's Grand Champion Yellow
Tant's Grand Champion "Yellow" ROM

In the late 1970's, and early 1980's, Fletcher Chavis owned a dog by the name of Chavis' Champion Yellow John (4XW) ROM. For years Chavis campaigned with those tightly inbred Redboy dogs. Most of which came out of Yellow John. 

Meanwhile, in about the mid 1970's Vernon Jackson had a dog by the name of Jackson's Champion Hank (4XW) ROM which Jackson had Purchased from Don Mayfield. They say Hank was a great performer and he was definitely a great producer. Hank was bred to Rast's Queenie ROM. Out of that liter came Chavis' Champion Jocko (4XW). Chavis ended up with Jocko and campaigned him. Some people say that Jocko was unbeatable because of his back end style, that he inherited from Hank. After Jocko became a champion Chavis retired him to the yard to begin his stud career.

Chavis had a female dog, her name was Chavis' champion Lady Sassy Mead (4XW). He bred Jocko and Lady Sassy Mead, and out of this liter came Chavis' Lady Rose. Lady Rose was then bred back to her father, Jocko. Tant got a female out of that liter and her name was Tant's Miss Jocko (2XW) Rom.

Fletcher Chavis and David Tant bred Yellow John and Miss Jocko. This breeding was by far the best Redboy-Jocko out cross, and out of this liter came the most influential dog of all the Redboy-Jocko dogs. The dogs name was Yellow.

Yellow was born in September of 1983. David Tant and Carl Crews bought Yellow for $800.00 dollars. At the age of 14 months, Yellow won his first match. At two years old, Yellow was a champion. Eight months later he was a grand champion, and at three years old, yellow won his sixth and final match. Yellow has won in the short order time of 30 minutes, and the marathon time of 2 hours and 37 minutes.

1. In November of 1984 Tant's Yellow vs. Sineth's Tojo at 51 pounds and at 54 minutes Yellow won.

2. In May of 1985 Tant's Yellow vs. Kitten's Roscoe at 52 pounds and at 50 minutes Yellow won.

3. In September of 1985 Tant's Yellow vs. Pact's Kung Fu at 52 pounds and at 30 minutes Yellow won.

4. In January of 1986 Tant's Ch Yellow vs. Pact's Bo at 52 pounds and at 2 hours and 37 minutes Ch Yellow won.

5. In May of 1986 Tant's Ch Yellow vs. Groves' Rufus Jr. at 52 pounds and at 53 minutes Ch Yellow won.

6. In September of 1986 Tant's Gr Ch Yellow vs. Pact's Pop at 50 pounds and at 1 hour and 15 minutes Gr Ch Yellow won.

Yellow was Retired to the yard for stud. He was one of the best producers of his time and that still holds true to this very day. Yellow produced so many great dogs, and most of his female offspring produced The same caliber of dogs that he did. Some of Yellow's offspring were:

Southern Kennel's Gr Ch Mayday (5XW) ROM

Havana Boys' Gr Ch Rodney (5XW)

Southern Kennel's Ch DragonLady

Waccamaw's Ch Big John (3XW) POR

Crew's Ch Outlaw

Gena Boy's Ch Magic

Hardcore Kennel's Ch Red Man ROM

Hardcore Kennel's Ch Bozack POR

Tant's Ch Rocko

Trojan's Ch Chocolate (3XW)

World's Ch James A

Rebel & Tito's Ch Rodney

Southern Kennel's Ch Choice

And the list goes on and on. Tant's Gr Ch Yellow was placed on the ROM list in 1993 with 5 ROM points. On September 7 1994 Yellow Passed away at the age of 11. Yellow left behind a long line of Great dogs, great history, and most importantly a great legacy. That is why we here at Yellow Brick Road Kennels will stop at nothing to keep his legacy and the Yellow strain alive.



Grand Champion Mayday ROM 
Match Record

1. Into SLK & Dennis L´s HI VOLTAGE (2X), at Catch Weight. 

2.Into Soulman & Plumb Dave BIG RED (2X),

3. Into the Gator Boys  4x winner.

4. Into Big Dust´s Ch.Budda, (6X),

5.  Into Tant's Cody

Boudreaux' Eli

Eli was the product of the breeding efforts of Floyd B. He was heavily bred on Floyd's all time favorite dog Blind Billy. When Eli a 2xw was bred to Mr. B.'s Spook, another Blind Billy breed dog, the outcome was to change the sporting community forever.

Three famous names that come to mind from the Eli/Spook breeding are: Eli Jr., Bullyson, and a bitch named Brendy.

Eli Jr. was a fantastic 2xw himself and sire of one of the greatest dogs of all time, the 7xw Gr. Ch. Art. Art was unfortunately stolen and never recovered. Before Art was stolen the breeding's made with him produced a high percentage of quality game dogs and enough to make Art an 'ROM' producer. Just to imagine what Art could have produced if he wouldn't have been taken is enough to boggle the mind. Art had a litter brother who was an exceptionally talented dog in his own right, the 3xw Ch. Hurt.

Bullyson was a 2xw, 1xL and another fantastic producer. Bullyson's only loss was to one of his sons Benny Bob. Benny Bob subsequently lost to Jimmy Boots in a classic match. Bullyson's legend as a producer can be found in many dogs, but his most famous offspring has to be the 5xw Ch. Honeybunch, the all time leading 'ROM' bitch. Honeybunch subsequently produced the 4xw Ch. Jeep. Jeep now ranks as the number one 'ROM' dog to this day and literally deserves to be covered in a story alone. Other famous Bullyson offspring are Loposay's Buster 'ROM', and the ever so famous Midnight Cowboy.

Brendy when bred to her brother Eli Jr., produced P. Carver's Black Shine. Shine subsequently produced the legendary 8xw, 1xL Ch Rascal, Oso Negro a brother to Rascal, and the world famous P. Carver's Stomponato. Rascal when bred to Honeybunch produced the 3xw Polly, who in turn was bred to Jeep's father the 6xw, 1xL Ch. Bo 'ROM', thereby producing the great 7xw Gr. Ch. Outlaw. Another famous Eli bred dog was the 5xw Gr. Ch. Nigerino. Nigerino represents some of the purest Eli Jr. blood to be found today and is a highly respected bloodline in its own right.

The thing that make the Eli dogs so popular is that they are powerfully built dogs with devastating mouths who consistently throw these traits into their offspring.

One of best crosses to be made with the Eli line, was with the 'ROM' Snooty dog. Snooty was an extremely intelligent dog who added the highly desirable traits of pit intelligence and style. Eli dogs tended to be barnstorming dogs and this would lead to short-windiness. The Snooty cross corrected this problem without sacrificing the highly desirable Eli traits. Probably the best known dog from this cross was the 4xw Ch. Chinaman 'ROM'. Chinaman had it all and has subsequently produced a superior line of dogs. The Chinaman dogs consistently throw intelligent, powerful, game dogs with a lot of mouth, literally a complete package. These dogs are true fast lane quality and continue to make an ongoing impact in today's sporting era. It would be impossible to list all the quality dogs that came directly or indirectly from Eli Jr., Bullyson, or Brendy, because their impact on the sport continues on today. Their are literally hundreds of famous dogs who owe their success to the Eli line and its originator Floyd B. and it would take an archive of novels to list the accomplishments of them all.

Picture above is of a present day Johnny Lai Eli dog.

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