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Before entering this site read this first.

This is not an animal fighting site.   This site focuses on the biology and evolution of game dogs including but not exclusively the Pit Bull Terrier.  If your only interest is in seeing animals hurt each other then you are not welcome.   We condemn all cruelty to animals.  This is 2010 not 1810. These are wonderful looking animals which have always fascinated me; especially from an evolutionary research perspective.  I do not condone dog fighting and anima baiting and neither should you. I am an author and have written books on such topics as game dogs, eugenics, biotechnology and so forth; I am in no way involved in any illegal activities.  This site is truly for research purposes only.  I am happy to add any free articles to the site from outside authors either on the history and biology of game bred animals or on animal care and welfare providing they are well written and factual.

This site is mainly based on the book "Pit Bull Garden" If you wish to copy parts of this site it is your legal obligation to write and ask first thank you and in most cases I will happily oblige.  If you want others to know the most accurate evidence bases information on the evolution and creation of these kinds of dogs then either buy the book or send the links to the relevant pages to your friends.