Game Bred Pit  bull terriers and other game dogs.


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Before entering this site read this first.

This is not an animal fighting site.   This site focuses on the biology and evolution of game dogs including but not exclusively the Pit Bull Terrier.  If your only interest is in seeing animals hurt each other then you are not welcome.   We condemn all cruelty to animals.  This is 2010 not 1810. These are wonderful looking animals which have always fascinated me; especially from an evolutionary research perspective.  I do not condone dog fighting and neither should you. I am an author and have written books on such topics as game dogs, eugenics, biotechnology and so forth; I am in no way involved in any illegal activities.  This site is truly for research purposes only.  I am happy to add any free articles to the site from outside authors either on the history and biology of game bred animals or on animal care and welfare providing they are well written and factual.

Game bred is an animal that has been bred to be game.

To explain this concept we will use fighting dogs as the model. 

Game means the ability to a do a task when the odds are stacked against the animal.  When a normal animal would quit, a game one will not.  "Game" does not mean, aggressive, violent, etc.  All it means is that an animal has the will to win against all odds, and never to back down when a normal dog "cur" would give up.  Some dogs are good fighters and can often win before gameness is even tested, due to a good mouth or wrestling ability etc; however, this IS NOT GAME.  Game is when a dog shows massive courage and fighting spirit when losing. The highest extreme of this is know as "dead" game.  This means a dog that will fight to the finish even if this means to death (no matter the odds).   Various terriers  have also been considered game when fighting underground quarry much larger and stronger than them; although, horrifically wounded the terrier will continue  the fight.  

Gameness is a result of genetic manipulation by breeders.  It is not a natural state but never the less one admired by most who recognize it.  Indeed even animal rights activists sometimes express admiration for this quality often so rare in human beings.  Dog men often argue that to maintain gameness dogs have to fought in order to select which ones are game.  There are others who think more humane alternatives can be found.  Some people believe gameness is a worthy trait and game dogs are in fact more friendly and stable with human beings than so called "fear biting cur dogs".  A game dog is indeed a very confident dog and so biting a human out of fear or anger is highly unlikely.